From the recording The Woman in Me (Single)

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Music & Lyrics: Sarah Louise French
Production: Eric M. Lichter
Sound Engineer: Guido Falivene
Guitars/bass/drums/piano/vox : Eric M. Lichter
Vocals: Sarah Louise French


We talk about tomorrow, the drizzling rain
A worn out chorus, an empty passenger train
Nothing happens in life without you, its a heavy suitcase, the man on the moon.

I've learned about forgiveness and what that takes
I've learned how to live for each and every day
Sometimes the going gets tough but time heals wounds, money won't buy what's important to you.

Maybe one day we'll rediscover what it means to really understand
tell the stories to your sons and daughters, teach them how to lend a helping hand
It's the man in you, the woman in me, its the earth, the sky, and the sparkling sea.

Life has magic moments that I know
You need to get uncomfortable in order to grow
Stand up proud, sing out loud, listen to the things that call to you.